Bryan Dyer - President & Founder

Growing up in the streets of Detroit, Bryan knew he wanted to challenge himself far
beyond what was expected of him.  He joined the military, and came to San Diego with
186 other young men to pursue his dream of becoming a Navy S.E.A.L.  Six months
later, among only 11 to complete the program, he joined one of the most elite military
programs in the world.  For nearly 10 years Bryan traveled the world, leading a team
throughout Korea, South Asia, and the Middle East.  After the S.E.A.L.’s, Bryan wanted
to continue pushing himself to greater heights.  An entrepreneur at heart, he started and
ran multiple successful businesses, including a beachside restaurant, a rickshaw rental
company and a music and event production company. Since retiring from the S.E.A.L.’s
Bryan has spent his life in the health and fitness world as a personal trainer, cross fit
trainer, Jiu-Jitsu instructor and a mixed martial arts fighter. He was Fitness Manager for
24 Hour Fitness in San Diego for over 4 years. He continues today to apply the
“never say never” and “never quit” attitude that propelled him through his S.E.A.L.
training and 10 years of combat missions in service to his country.